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Some Checking Rates for nearby banks

Parke Bank
Our Basic Checking account with a minimum daily balance of $100.00, no service or activity charges will be assessed. With each monthly statement you will receive images of all the checks you have written to keep for your records. An ATM or debit card is also provided with no annual fee.
Parke Plus 55 Checking Account-  This special account is available only to depositors age 55 and older. The Parke Plus 55 account offers an interest rate similar to a savings account PLUS unlimited check writing. With the Parke Plus 55 account there is no minimum balance required and no service or activity charges. In addition, basic checks are provided free of charge and an ATM or debit card is included with no annual fee.

TD Bank
Low minimum daily balance of $100 to waive the $15 monthly maintenance fee

Bank of America Core Checking
No maintenance fee for each statement cycle that you:  Have at least one qualifying direct deposit of $250 or more.


Time to stop printing

The days of printing are getting further and further behind us. Making a hard copy of your payroll stub only leads to security risks and a filing nightmare. I recommend creating a folder on your computer, your iphone, or remote strorage spot (cloud) to keep your paystubs organized and handy. I would recommend a file for each year, and name your file by the payweek's ending date. Because this is relatively easy with a PC or Android, I will not explain it here, but because an iphone or ipad might not be as simple, I have included the following for your help

How to save a pdf file with an iphone or ipad: